Monday, 7 July 2008

Farm Fresh Meat

Today, I am concentrating on a local issue of interest- the Nottingahmshire sausage!

Everyone's heard of Lincolnshire Sausages or Cumberland Sausages but how about Nottinghamshire Sausages? Made with locally reared pork and venison mixed with Bramley Apples and redcurrant, you can buy these Nottinghamshire sausages from Gonalston Farm Shop, one of the best local farm shops in Nottinghamshire.

Bramley Apples originate from Southwell, 5 miles from Gonalston and the stags of the Nottingham crest lends itself to the use of venison in the Nottinghamshire sausage.

No access to this Nottingham farm shop? Not a problem! Just buy fresh farm meat online, free UK weekday delivery. Guaranteed to satisfy your farm fresh meat fix.

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