Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Apa Khabar, Ni Hao and Good Morning!

I work for Metafocus Ltd, a global online marketing company in Nottingham. I hope this blog will help you (and me!) understand a bit more about the wonderful and ever changing world of the Internet.

Multilingual search engine optimisation is a fairly new field, with lots of exciting developments happening almost daily on search engines all over the world. I will be blogging on new discoveries, international online marketing techniques and introducing some of the new multilingual websites we are creating for our international and exporting clients.

We are a busy bunch at Metafocus but our love for blogging has conquered all. Check out blogs from our online marketing team:

Rich "Massage" Moore -Internet Marketing Nottingham

DJ Ed - Search engine optimisation Nottingham

Stu Owens - Online Marketing Nottingham

and finally, Metafocus Nottingham blog!

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